A Bob Black Bibliography: Selected Works

Q. When did the Bob Black as we know him come into being?

A. When I was eight a psychiatrist diagnosed me as “a bright psychoneurotic child with marked acting out behavior and possibly some mild encephalopathy which inhibits impulse control.” I was kicked out of third, sixth, eighth and twelfth grades. With the educational edge this gave me over the docile I went on to get a B.A., M.A. and J.D. During the mid-1970’s I went from Yippie-tinged New Leftism to something like whatever it is I am now. In 1977 I started my poster project, The Last International, in Ann Arbor, Michigan. I put up thousands of posters but even though she had to have seen them Madonna didn’t write in. It was an ideal format for me. I could play with words and ideas of the finest intransigence without answering to any editor, and I could rebound a shot off a telephone pole and right into the face of somebody who’d have assumed it was unspeakable until I said it.

From an interview by Chris Searing in Chaotik World News and Olds (Olympia, Washington), issue #19, Fall 1990.


The Baby and the Bathwater
(Or, Post-Partum Repression: The Unspeakable Truth About Processed World)
originally published 1985; Inspiracy Press edition 1997
available from Inspiracy Press

The Abolition of Work (original pamphlet)
originally published 1985; Inspiracy Press edition 1997

The Abolition of Work and Other Essays
Loompanics 1986, Inspiracy online edition 2003
read the entire text at inspiracy.com

Friendly Fire
Autonomedia 1992
available from amazon.com

Rants and Incendiary Tracts
(anthology coedited by Bob Black and Adam Parfrey)
Amok Press/Loompanics Unlimited 1989
available from amazon.com

Beneath the Underground
Feral House 1994
available from amazon.com

Anarchy After Leftism
CAL Press 1997
available from amazon.com

and innumerable contributions to countless zines and publications, including the following partial list of publications from Black’s Slobboviated Press imprint:

We’re Psycho About Bob B: His Fight with Control

John Hagen-Brenner is the SubGenius Who Mailed a Bomb to Bob Black

Live at Lower Links (Cassette, Live Reading)

Pinocchio’s Nose:
Mythical Accounts of the Jim Hogshire/Bob Black Encounter
(compiled by Bob Black) 1997