I am an amnesiac of titanic proportions; I don’t remember anything prior to having heard MEET THE BEATLES at some point in 1968. I burst into tears when the glass ball fell at point-oh-one-seconds past mightnight December 31rst 1969, deciding then and there that I didn’t want to see this decade continue any longer. In 1979 I was glad to have seen it go, and felt as if I had arisen from some stifling heat bath entropy. My parents tell me that I witnessed the televised performance of Kennedy’s public suicide in Dallas, that I came running out of the den shouting, Wendell killed the bad man! My mom went through parturition sometime in the night of the 18th of November 1958, the close of another of those decades. The year fascinates me. Early on I clearly perceived the moribund state of the ruling class’ system and decided to throw in my lot with those few rigorous oppositionalists who would have me. (None did; who wants a two-year-old toting a tommie gun?) Then in school the Big Scene was when we had to draw pictures for the teacher (a State-Capitalism functionary/bureaucrat mindwasher). Since I was an advanced youth, I was going to show them, and I drew a fish in the box that asked for Things That Fly Through The Air, since *I* knew what a flying fish was. Well, the school head headshrinker decided I was psycho and called in my parents before asking me for an explanation; said parents were insulted vilely by mandarin Jackal, and I was I was from then on a marked man. Lately I’ve been writing propaganda to soothe my aching head, struggling to get it into print before they lock me up again. (I was an inmate in a B-mod program for troubled youths who didn’t want to socialize for the convenience of the high-paid babysitters who think they know what’s worth knowing; while there perused works by Kropotkin and Bakunin beside doing an overview of Freud, Maslow, Skinner, Perls, Reich, Adler, Jung, Watson, James, and the rest. I now knew who the enemy was: All of Them. I conceived an all-powerful *rage* against totalitarianism that is incomprehensible to the smug, fatuous, sleepwalking goosesteppers who make up the bulk of the population in this geographical area — and that includes you, stupid liberals! — having lived in a miniature totalitarian state. Any Questions?)

Originally appeared in Inside Joke #17

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